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Date: Sunday, April 6, 2014
Location: Clovis, CA
Taken using BackyardEOS Planetary imaging mode, this is a stack of the best 200 of 500 video frames.
Mount: Meade LX200 (Fork Alt-Az)
Camera: Canon 60D (Stock)
Scope/Lens: Meade LX200 12-Inch (3048mm f/10)
Guide Scope: None
Guide Camera: None
Exposure #1 (RGB):
   200 x 1/200 Sec @ ISO 100, f/10.0
   0 Darks, 0 Flats/Dark Flats/Bias

Integration: 0 Hours, 0 Minutes, 1 Seconds
Processing: BackyardEOS, Registax 6, Adobe Photoshop CS6
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